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DLP Offers: Making the Next Steps for Seniors Easy and Stress-Free

Jenn LoConte

Jenn LoConte has over 20 years of experience in the fields of public relations, communications, and professional writing...

Jenn LoConte has over 20 years of experience in the fields of public relations, communications, and professional writing...

Oct 1 5 minutes read

Richard’s dilemma was not unique but finding a solution was next to impossible. In fact, it was a very common problem for the “Sandwich Generation,” or people in their mid to late 40’s who have an aging parent to care for while simultaneously working and raising their own young families.  

Staying Put 

Richard’s children pleaded with him to sell his home, (the home that they all grew up in over 25 years ago) and move into an Independent Living retirement community, nearby. Richard, a retired architect who designed and built their home, was reluctant to leave, afraid that memories of his late wife would disappear if he sold their belongings, emptied it out, and moved out. Not to mention, he was a packrat and the thought of having to go through everything, make expensive repairs, and have it professionally cleaned for showings was not appealing to him in the least. And, since Richard was no longer able to drive, he’d have to rely on his children to pick him up when an interested party wanted to come and see the place. All of this left him feeling anxious and irritable. 

He’d rather not deal with any of that and just continue to live out the rest of his years staying put. Hopefully, that leaky shower wouldn’t develop into anything further and, short on funds, his landscaper would have to wait until next month to get paid for the big fall yard clean up. Richard would have to be extra careful so another fall wouldn’t put him back in the hospital for a week. 

Difficult Next Steps

Unfortunately, a few weeks later, Richard did experience a fall, though fortunately a minor one and was hospitalized for only a few days. His children were grateful, but frankly, enough was enough and ultimately, Richard knew it, too. He was scared that he couldn’t get to the phone after he fell and his oldest daughter had arrived unexpectedly to drop off groceries. He had only been lying on the floor for a little over an hour, but it was enough to make Richard see things more clearly towards what was really important. And, living in that house all alone, wasn’t. 

The family was relieved, but now, some difficult concerns would need to be addressed. Richard’s home was a large 4-bedroom Colonial in a great family neighborhood, next to a school. The kitchen had been completely renovated in recent years, prior to Richard’s wife passing away, but the 3 bathrooms were in desperate need of renovating. Additional updates were necessary, too, and no one had the time or money to put into this major overhaul. They made appointments with a few Realtors, but most had no interest in putting it on the market until at least some renovations were made and the house was cleaned up in a major way. The clean-up was daunting to everyone and would require hours upon hours to go through, sell, give away, and throw away all the stuff that had accumulated. Richard no longer felt safe living alone and the family felt like they would have to put their own lives on hold to get the house in sellable condition. They, along with countless others in the “sandwich generation” wished there was an easier way. 

DLP Offers: A Stress-Free Solution

A friend told Richard’s son to check with DLP Realty. He had heard there was a sales program called the Immediate Buyout Offer that could offer Richard a competitive price for his home without having to list it. Richard’s family reached out and the following day, they all breathed their first sigh of relief. DLP evaluated Richard’s home and offered him a great price. He’d have the cash in just a week and could close on it when he was ready, allowing the family to take time to go through everything in the house and empty it out without feeling stressed. Richard would have the money to put towards his deposit for a new apartment in a retirement community with folks his own age, not to mention social activities to keep him active. He had no expensive repairs to make, no showings to tie up anyone’s day, and he didn’t have to pay an agent any commissions.

Richard and his family were grateful to the caring professionals at DLP Realty. Through, the family was able to comfortably move their father to the next stage of his life and Richard no longer felt scared or alone. Now living contently, among new friends and an active life, he only wished he had done it sooner.  

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