Guaranteed Sale Program

Your home sold in 34 days guaranteed, or I'll buy it!...

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Immediate Buyout Program

If you’re looking to sell your home quickly and with no hassles, DLP Realty’s Immediat...

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Elite Preferred Buyer Program

DLP Realty’s Elite Preferred Buyer Program is truly the red carpet treatment when it com...

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24-Month Love It or Leave It Guarantee

At DLP Realty, we understand that it is common to feel nervous about purchasing a new home...

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Certified Pre-Owned Home Sale Program

DLP Realty’s Certified Pre-Owned Home Sale Program takes the stress and worry out of buy...

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Trade Up Program

When you buy a home listed with DLP Realty, we will buy your current home from you!...

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Accelerated Selling Program

The DLP Realty Accelerated Selling Program is 100% effective and is guaranteed to get your...

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Flexible Commission Plan

DLP Realty's Flexible Commission Plan provides you with the opportunity to pay less co...

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Distinctive Luxury Properties

DLP Realty's Distinctive Luxury Properties division caters to only high-end properties...

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